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This blog was created to make it easier for my friends to keep up with my book-writing process. The book is called "Journey to the Heart of God". It is about the importance of pursuing God's righteousness in order to live as He intended so that we can live a full and abundant life: the eternal life Christ came to give us. Happy reading! :D

Writer questions

Several of my writer friends have been doing this quiz so I guess I might's well join in the fun since I haven't posted anything here in a while (bad me :P )

-Do you have a pen/pencil collection? How many of those are chewed?

Pen collection-check. I love pens. I'm slightly obsessed with them. Not so much pencils (If I get an itch to use a pencil, it's for drawing, not writing). I don't "chew" on my scribble sticks because they look trashy with teeth marks on them. I do, however put them between my teeth/lips while writing/transcribing on the puter ;)

-Do you prefer handwriting or typing furiously?
Depends on my mood, I guess. Sometimes I feel more inspired when I write on paper and it helps me think better. But it always goes on the computer afterwards b/c it's easier to edit on the computer (so I often end up writing in a notebook and transcribing). At any rate I'm addicted to typing and if I get bored sometimes I can be found just randomly typing :P

-How often do you get inspiration?
I very rarely get spontaneous inspiration when it comes to writing nonfiction. That only comes when I think and work on a subject long enough. For fiction or poetry, however, everything inspires me. This may sound kinda funny, but a lot of times when I think, I think like a book would read. Not like "hey whaddya know, it's snowing!" but like "the large fluffy white snoflakes are floating lazily through the frigid winter air blah blah blah"  I guess I read/write too much :P

-Are you blogging this on a computer or laptop?
Lappy. (not my own :( someday...)

-Do you get inspiration more in the early morning or late at night?
Well based on my last answer about inspiration... lol  for nonfiction it depends on when I'm working, for fiction/poetry it can strike anytime (beware!  lol)  but I am a morning person so I'm more likely to ignore inspiration that comes at night :P  (bad, I know :-/ )

-Do certain movies/books/music inspire you?
Meh I guess so... Usually they just make me feel inferior :P  lol  Actually it totally depends on what media, when, and what I am/have been thinking about. Lately I get a lot of inspration from the Bible, from sermons/Christian teaching videos (such as Way of the Master or Andrew Wommack teachings), and from various books I pick up. Music always inspires me b/c I'm very careful about what I'm listening to (esp while writing... no silly songs! :P )

-How do you incorporate God into your stories?
Oh golly you're making me miss writing fiction :(  Srsly I've been too immersed in nonfiction lately :P  But ahhh I always manage a way to. I mean, He's such a big part of me, I can't really help but put that into my stories :)

-Do you kill off your villains or make them repent?
Ummmm actually... I've.. never gotten to that point in any of my fictional writings *wince*  yeah. Sore spot there... I don't work at it long enough to maintain my inspiration. And as I said, I'm too immersed in nonfiction lately. Someday I'll finish one of my fiction novels :)  :P

-Are the majority of your characters magical beings, humans, or halflings?
I've only ever done humans. It'd be fun to do mythical characters sometime... make up a culture and language kinda like in LOTR B-)
-What genre of writing are you most comfortable in?
Ahhhh good question. I dunno. I don't really have a writing comfort zone anymore. I'll just write. Does that make sense? (BTW I never ever ever wanted to be a writer LOL)

-Do you work better alone or with someone else?
Alone. Though sometimes if I'm in a place with a lot of strangers (like a dr office) I actually work better :P  But not if I'm with someone I know... then there's always an ongoing conversation and that's no good for writing :P  Though I like to be able to bounce ideas off of people :)  that's what chat buddies are for ;)
-Do your stories make sense, or do they ramble wildly?
oh they usually make pretty good sense. Though sometimes I throw a lil mysterious thing in there that doesn't make sense till the end... (which so far hasn't come. I'm still baffled by some of my mysteries :P )
-Are your characters mostly Renegades, Peacekeepers or a mish-mash?
Mish mash. Totally depends on the story/character
-Are you a sucker for good grammar?
Also depends on the story/character. If I'm portraying a rough character, he's probably gonna say "ain't" or something gramatically improper... whatever is truest to the character. Though in nonfiction, yes. I sometimes drive myself nutts trying to figure out which is the best gramatical way to say something :P  (y'know how sometimes it doesn't make that much difference...) sometimes I think I go a lil over the top though and start sounding 1800s or British or something :-B
-How is your handwriting?
It's running a fever and coughing. Er wait... hee he... ummm it's ok I guess. I've had some ppl say they love it but I wish it looked neater. :P  I had fun when I was about 11 or 12, making up my own new "font" which still sticks around a little in my handwriting :P
-How evil are your villains?
evil enough ;)

-Are you long-winded or succinct?
:halo:  Ok this is the war within. I seem to have inherited this disease from my dad where I feel the need to be very detailed and precise and make sure you have all the details... but at the same time I hate it when the details take over... so I try to balance it. Not easy. But oooohhh boy get me going on a discriptive paragraph and it's like "bye bye george, seeya next Thursday"* :P
-Do you have typical writer traits such as ink stains on your fingers or a pencil behind your ear?
Ink stains, yes. Thanks to my awesome retractable gel pens, mostly :P  Pencils don't go behind my ear though ;)  I probably also occasionally get a spaced-out look on my face as I'm analyzing what I'm going to write next (at random times throughout the day :P )
-Would someone walking past you on the street consider you normal?
Dunno. I'll have to ask one sometime. But then of course they'd probably say no or if I was on the left coast they'd give me a dirty look and go call the police :P  haa haa ha! j/k :)

-Do you write mostly poetry, stories, novels or a mixture?
Yup. :D
-Do your characters vary in accents, appearance and attitude or are they mostly the same?
Definitely vary. I don't like to be boring :P

-Do real people and/or places inspire your writing?
Ohhh yes. I know some interesting people ;)  Be nice or you may end up in my book!  ha ha j/k :P
-What is your favorite character? Or do you choose to remain unbiased in case of a revolt?
My characters do not revolt thankyouverymuch :P  No I don't have a fav. I don't pick favs if I can help it :P

-Do you talk to your characters? Do they talk back?
I plead the 5th! xD
-Are you more comfortable with girl or boy main characters?
Depends on the story I guess... and how well I can relate with a character. Sometimes I just relate better to guys since I have so many brothers :P  But if my character is a country girl we get along just fine ;)
-Do you follow basic overused plot lines with new twists thrown in or do you depart from the norm all the time?
ummm... no I guesss not. as I said, I don't like to be boring :P
-Do you feel God has called you to be a writer/poet? Will you grasp the power of the pen?
Well yeah. For now anyway. I mean, like I said, I never wanted to be a writer. (thats why I never finished any novels growing up :P )  God just kinda put this stuff on my heart and all I could do was write it. I think maybe it's just one of those proverbial stepping stones but I guess we'll see :)  Haa ha and yeah I've already grasped the power of the pen. Watch out lest I poke you with it ;)
*=quote borrowed from Father of the Bride 2 ;)

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