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This blog was created to make it easier for my friends to keep up with my book-writing process. The book is called "Journey to the Heart of God". It is about the importance of pursuing God's righteousness in order to live as He intended so that we can live a full and abundant life: the eternal life Christ came to give us. Happy reading! :D

Writing gets my brain moving

So I'm pursuing the idea of the two-part book and trying to write up yet ANOTHER outline. I like being able to use a passage of scripture as at least part of my outline because otherwise I think I just tend to get a little indecisive about it. I mean, sometimes order is very important, but in this case, the several sub-subjects I'm working with are so inter-connected it's hard to determine if one has more importance than another and if not, how do I know which one should come first? I'm sure it doesn't have to be this complicated... but for me it at least seems to be. Nevertheless, I am making headway once again!
Once I get this latest brainwave tamed hopefully I can finish the chapter on righteousness. I keep telling myself I should have it long since finished, but at the same time I realize it is such a deep and multi-faceted subject that one cannot simply write an exhaustive chapter on the matter in a day or two. Not only does it take lots of studying, but lots of prayer and consideration as to how to present the matters involved, how deep to go (how deep I CAN go, for that matter), and how to try to verbalize it all. That may not sound very complicated (then again, maybe it does?) but it certainly can be. I don't think I can even explain it.
Ok before I get to thinking out loud and rambling too much I'll cut this off abruptly and leave you sitting there going o_O but just know that I feel better now that I've gotten some typing out of my system so hopefully my brain can function better now :)
By the way, feel free to ask me questions... it might help me get my brain working :)

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