About this blog

This blog was created to make it easier for my friends to keep up with my book-writing process. The book is called "Journey to the Heart of God". It is about the importance of pursuing God's righteousness in order to live as He intended so that we can live a full and abundant life: the eternal life Christ came to give us. Happy reading! :D

Back to writing...

Well as I just posted on Scarabocchi, I am back from my week-long vacation and ready to jump back into my "normal" life (as though my life could ever be considered normal ^_^). I'm starting off by doing a quick schedule re-work because I work much better when I'm organized and structured. Then I get to write some more. Both exciting and ... well scary isn't the word I was looking for, but it's all that comes to mind LOL  I mean, writing isn't really scary. I manage to enjoy it most of the time, in fact. It's just that I'm stuck again. *sigh*  I'll work through it, though... it just takes extra discipline at this point :P  (between being stuck and not really wanting vacation to end :P )
So how have y'all been while I was gone? Been behaving? Didya forget about me? :P


Karen said...

Been trying to behave, does that count? :P Glad to have you back.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi -

Welcome back from your unplug week!

Praying the writing ideas will flow. Reading other blogs, daily activities, and enjoying nature all help me. :)


L. E. Neighbour said...

Ohhh sure Karen. I'm pretty sure it's the thought that counts ;) lol
Thanks Susan! I appreciate it :D