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This blog was created to make it easier for my friends to keep up with my book-writing process. The book is called "Journey to the Heart of God". It is about the importance of pursuing God's righteousness in order to live as He intended so that we can live a full and abundant life: the eternal life Christ came to give us. Happy reading! :D

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Originally posted August 5, 2009 on my personal blog:

Rather than try to explain this everytime someone asks, I thought I would just make a blog so people can read it for themselves.I am writing a book. This book does not have a title yet. The book is about forsaking the complacency which is so prevalent in the church and returning to the life God would have us live. I believe God calls us to pursue righteousness and godliness and I'm afraid that concept is very lacking in the church today. I pray that God by His power will use my feeble efforts to call His sheep back home.How I decided to write the book:It was a long process that drew me to writing, really. I go to a rather large church and I see such a wide variety of people who all claim to be Christians. I've also noticed that sometimes I can just tell when someone is a Christian. I wondered for a while what this was, then I realized that this is what it means to let your light shine. When you truly love Christ, people can see it in your face, in the way that you dress and the way that you act. I noticed, with sadness, that many of the people I see at church do not look this way. Maybe they dress "right", maybe they don't. Maybe they have tattoos and piercings, maybe they don't. But just somehow they look like they are more concerned with the things of the world and less concerned about the things of God. Sometimes I see this change as someonee starts coming to church, meets God, and their lives change. Sometimes they still look like they are just lost. It's kind of hard to explain but I'm hoping you understand, so I'll move along.Aside from my observations of the church from my vantage, I also came upon a stark realization whilst reading the Bible. There is a parable in there about the "sheep" being separated from the "goats" wherein Jesus commends the sheep for their good deeds on earth and when they say "when did we..." He says "when you did it to the least of these, you did it to Me." And likewise when he passes judgement on the goats they say "when did we not..." and He says "when you did not do it to the least of these, you did not do it to me." Well what really struck me about that is that the goats THOUGHT they were doing good. They thought they were saved. They thought they were going to spend eternity with God. But what says He? These (the goats) will go into everlasting punishment and the RIGHTEOUS into eternal life. So I was struck with the stark realization that not all who claim Christ will see eternal life, as He says "not all who say to me Lord, Lord! will enter the Kingdom of Heaven." (BTW I don't know what took me so long to realize this, because it is literally ALL OVER the Bible.) This realization, of course, broke my heart and caused me to do some deep soul-searching of my own because I wanted to know which group I was in.At this point God took me through some rough terrain so that I might see where I stand in the light of eternity. I learned the path that is necessary to take and now I do my best to follow it. However I still have the realization that there are many out there who simply do not know. They are still living under the blinding lie that "just ok" is fine enough, there is no need to do the deeds of righteousness, and that grace comes without cost to all who speak the name of the Lord. It pains me to think how many will awake on that day and hear the words "I never knew you." And what good will it do me if I can tell them but do not? I would be like the foolish servant who burried his master's talent rather than investing it and making it count for something. Good intentions do not make a difference in Eternity. Only what you do for Christ will make a difference. So I knew I had to do my part to change the world.I don't know what all things God will have me do to fulfill this mission I see, but I know what I can do right now in my present situation. I had enough money to buy a notebook and I have plenty of pens handy so with much prayer I began to write the things God was teaching me. I spent several days literally doing nothing but listening, praying, writing, searching Scriptures. I feel perhaps this is only the first step of a long journey but you cannot run a race without taking the first step. So I am doing what I can and listening to God as He tells me each new step to take. The future is unclear, perhaps even scary, but I need not fear when I'm in God's hands.

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