About this blog

This blog was created to make it easier for my friends to keep up with my book-writing process. The book is called "Journey to the Heart of God". It is about the importance of pursuing God's righteousness in order to live as He intended so that we can live a full and abundant life: the eternal life Christ came to give us. Happy reading! :D

Dragging along...

Well I haven't gotten much of anything done book-wise lately because I've been working on planning my trip to OH and getting things worked out. I'm still unsure about some of it, so this should be fun :P  Anyway I was hoping to at least have finished my chapter summaries by now... but there's still a lot to do to get ready to leave so there's not much time for anything else. So I guess this means yet another pause on writing for a couple weeks. Ack! No wonder I'm not done yet, with all these distractions! :P
On a good note, I have been getting some potentially good connections and getting more requests for my book, so it's good! :D

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